Swarm Catcher

Who doesn't love a swarm?  Oh- that's right, most people. Jennifer offers a free service for swarm catching, a win for everyone, including the bees. 

Hive Management

Some people want bees for better pollination and local honey, but don't have the time or patience to do it themselves. Jennifer offers hive management services for folks around the Bay Area.  


Beekeeping Coach

Many people are interested in learning to keep bees, and Jennifer loves to mentor others on the best organic practices and holistic beekeeping.  

Photo by Gillian Bostock

Photo by Gillian Bostock

Hive Extraction Services

Sometimes bees can take up residence in places where they become a nuisance.  Jennifer safely and humanely removes hives and relocates them to standard Langstroth hive boxes where they can be managed.