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Jennifer catches a swarm before finishing her breakfast, hence the glasses and bad hair

Jennifer Berry began the practice of keeping bees in 2003 when she mentored with a seasoned beekeeper on Mt. Tamalpais, Ca. It was love at first hive. Her fascination for insects began decades earlier when, as a diapered toddler, she found herself surrounded by a swarm of termites which crawled up her legs by the thousands until they covered her whole body. This left her so terrified that she fainted when mosquitoes landed on her.  Her patient mother then had to get over her own fear of insects to show Jennifer that they weren’t harmful, and when mom handed her a huge praying mantis at age five, Jennifer’s heart was forever changed and she became obsessed. Now that Jennifer is an adult, no longer has to pretend she isn’t eating sugar ants anymore. Beekeeping was a natural progression and a place where Jennifer’s obsession seems a little less strange.