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Nucleus Starter Colonies for sale April 2018.

For the healthiest hives, one must start with robust and locally adapted genetic stocks of bees.  Jennifer's genetic lineages are a mix of feral colonies plus a few specific varieties brought in for their known resistance to mites, the main cause for colony collapse.  Each year breeder queens are chosen for their natural pest resistance, gentleness, and ability to weather the climate while producing honey in abundance.  From these Jennifer creates queens and small hives, called nucs (short for nucleus) for sale.  To download my PDF on getting started click here


Small Batch Seasonal Honeys

Northern California is always in bloom. Our main apiary at Woolly Egg Ranch enjoys long blooming seasons filled with the flowers that make up the wild and cultivated lands of Southern Marin county.   Varietals include winter's golden caramel eucalyptus honey, the full body of wild spring plum blossom, the light summer honey of sage and fennel, super-limited floral lavender, and the rich complexity of coyote brush wildlands in the fall.  Honey from this site is sold by Woolly Egg Ranch, (look for Judith or Ken) and can be purchased at the Tam Valley Farmer's Market, Tuesdays from 3-7 during the summer at the Tam Valley Community Center, 203 Marin Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941.