Jennifer Berry has been keeping bees since 2003, and began mentoring other beekeepers in 2008. Her background in biology combined with her hands-on experience in keeping bees, hive extractions and queen rearing give her plenty to talk about when it comes to bees. Workshops cover a variety of seasonal topics, from preparing hives for the winter to splitting hives in the summer and everything in between. Workshops are held in Sonoma county Bloomfield Farms, just south of Sebastopol, and her home apiary in southern Marin county. 

Queen Rearing Workshop, May 12th 2018 from 9:30 -12:30. Woolly Egg Ranch, Mill Valley California. 

Learn the basics of queen rearing with simple methods that can be used even in small apiaries. Participants will learn to graft queens and how to set up hives to support those grafted queen cells so they mature into healthy, well-mated queens. 


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